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Piedmont Skills Combine Hockey Camps 2017

Piedmont Skills Combine Hockey Camps

Tentative weeks

July 10   12U / 14U

July 17   8U / 10U

Coaches: Hagen Nemzek and Matt Strieff

Description: Fast paced, high intensity skill's and battle camp focusing on puck handling, shooting and power skating. Improve your scoring sense and in-game decision making with speed orientated game type

situation. Working on the fundamentals of hockey as well.

How to skate for playing hockey ? Join a learn to skate class!

Hockey skating classes are Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please see skating & lessons tab. Snow Plow Sam 1/ Tot Hockey 1 classes are for ages 4-6. The Hockey 1/ Basic 1 classes are for ages 7-16.


Try Hockey For Free

Try Hockey For Free (THFF) sessions for ages 4-10 run in 4 week sessions on Saturdays from 10:10 - 11:10am.  The next session ( 2017 Session 4)begins on June 3rd. You can sign up on this website.

Hockey gear will be provided for those ages 8 and under who do not have their own.  We will attempt to fit out participants ages 9 and 10 but cannot guarantee that we have sufficient equipment at the sizes for these ages.

At the first session each registrant will be fitted out individually; please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the scheduled session time so that the fitting out can be completed in an orderly fashion and everyone can get on the ice at the beginning of the hour.



Learn To Play Hockey ages 4-10 (LTPH)

LTPH is for kids who are serious about learning to play the game of ice hockey.   Sessions include stick handling, skating, shooting skills and mini-scrimmages. A USA Hockey certified and/or a professional hockey instructor will conduct the course. It is recommended that registrants have  basic experience in skating in hockey skates prior to enrolling.  The coach/instructor will evaluate registrants at the first session and recommend additional instruction if necessary.  At a minimum, LTS Basic 1-2 / Hockey 2 or Tot Hockey 3 level course completion is necessary for success.  LTS (Learn To Skate) lessons run every 7 weeks at Haymarket Iceplex.

LTPH is for ages 4-10.  Sessions are 6 weeks in duration and are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week at 5:00-5:50pm.  The next session date July 11, 2017.  Registration is now open.

Full hockey gear is required.

For ages 4-8 with no formal hockey experience and without personal hockey gear....a complete set of individually-fitted hockey equipment is available FREE of charge through the NHL/Washington Capitals.  The free gear program is entitled "Learn to Play" and is available for registration through the following website portal:

Please indicate that Haymarket 6 is your location to take the course.  Program fee is for ice/instructional time only and is $159.

The free gear will be fit up at the Iceplex and is yours to keep at the  completion of the program.

If your child is ages 9-10, or has his/her own gear, please sign up on the Haymarket Iceplex website. (  To the extent available the Iceplex will make available equipment on a loan basis .  The program fee is $159.


House and Travel Level Youth Hockey Programs

The Piedmont Hockey Club offers both House and Tier II Travel Youth Hockey programs.  Full information is located on the Piedmont Hockey Club website at

Stick n Shoot Sessions

The Haymarket Iceplex holds Stick n Shoot sessions as ice availability allows. In addition to open Stick n Shoot sessions, Stick n Shoot times specific for ages 12 and Under are periodically scheduled; we ask that you respect the age limit for these events for the sake of player safety .

Stick n Shoot times are listed on our rink calendar.