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Skating Programs (LTS)



Learn To Skate Classes

Kid / Parent :  (age 3) For Hockey Players and Figure Skaters. Very beginner. Never been on the ice before. Parent and child must put on skates to participate. Snow Plow Sam 1 skills will be taught. Bike helmets or hockey helmets are required. No parent in shoe allowed on the ice.

Tot Hockey 1-2 / Snow Plow Sam 1-2: (ages 4-6) For Hockey Players and Figure Skaters. Very beginner. Never been on the ice before. Must be able to separate from parent to attend classes. Bike helmet or hockey helmet recommended. Skills to be taught: SPS 1: Sit and Stand up with skates off the ice, Sit and stand up on the ice, march in place, march forward 8-10 steps, march then glide on two feet, Dip (touch your toes) in place. SPS 2 : March followed by a long glide, Dip while moving, backward wiggles (6 in a row), Rocking Horse(1 forward,1 backward swizzle action), forward swizzles (2-3 in a row), 2-foot hop in place. Next level is Snow Plow Sam 3-4/ Tot Hockey 3-4.

Tot Hockey 3-4 / Snow Plow Sam 3-4: (ages 4-6) For Hockey Players and Figure Skaters. Must have passed SPS 2 / Tot Hockey 2 to attend. Skills to be taught: SPS 3: Forward skating (8-10 steps), Forward one-foot glide, (right and left), Forward two-foot swizzles (4-6 in a row), Backward two-foot swizzles (4-6 in a row), Forward snowplow stop with skid (1 foot or both feet), Curves.  SPS4: Forward Skating,Backward 2-foot glide, backward swizzles,rocking horse repeat twice, two-foot turns in place both ways,and Two-foot hop. ** After passing Tot Hockey 4 / Snow Plow Sam 4 the skater will move to a BASIC 2 class for Figure skaters with the older kids Or a HOCKEY 2 class for hockey players with the older kids.

Basic 1/ Hockey 1: (ages 7-16) For Hockey Players and Figure Skaters. Very beginner. Never been on the ice before. Bike or hockey helmet recommended. Skills to be taught: Sit on ice and stand up, march forward across the ice, forward 2-foot glide, Dip (touch your toes), Forward Swizzles (6-8 in a row), Backward wiggles (6-8 in a row), snowplow stop (1 foot or both), rocking horse (2-3 in a row), 2-foot hop in place, T pushes R and L with glides. Next level is Basic 2 ( for figure skaters) or Hockey 2 (for hockey players)

Hockey 2: (ages 7-16)  For Hockey Players. No equipment required except a helmet. Must have passed Basic 1/Hockey 1 or Tot Hockey 4 or Snow Plow Sam 4 to attend. Skills to be taught: Backward stance, skating forward using full strides, forward 1-foot glides( R & L), Backward Hustle, Backward swizzles 4-6 in a row, Glide turns (both ways), Moving snowplow stops. The next level is Hockey 3.

Basic 2:  (ages 7-16) For Figure Skaters. Must have passed Basic 1 or Snow Plow Sam 4 /Tot Hockey 4 class. Skills to be taught: Forward 1-foot glides (R & L), Backward two-foot glide, Backward swizzles 6-8 in a row, 2-foot turn forward to backward in place, Moving snowplow stop, Forward alternating 1/2 swizzle pumps in straight line (slalom-like pattern). The next level is a Basic 3 (for the Figure skaters) or a Hockey 3 (for the hockey players)

LTS Power Hockey Skating:(ages 7 and UP) For Hockey Players. Must have passed Hockey 4. This is the final learn to skate class for hockey players to take before they do private lessons or join a LTPH class or a house team or travel hockey team. For more information:

TRY HOCKEY FOR FREE: (ages 4-10) For Hockey Players. These events will occur throughout the year. Please watch for the dates on the home page. The skater needs no prior experience on ice skates. You will need to sign up on-line and arrive 45 minutes early to the start time for getting the equipment to borrow. The children will experience full gear and hockey skates to play hockey for free. Contact Leo Mullin on the website for more information.

BASIC 3 - 6  (ages 7-16) For Figure Skaters. Your skater should have a USFS booklet by now mailed to you from USFS. This will show you the levels and skills.

PRE FREE & FREESTYLE 1-6  (ages 7- 16) For Figure Skaters only. Your skater should have a USFS booklet and probably a private lesson coach by now.

ADULT 1-4: (ages 17- up) For Hockey Players and Figure Skaters. You will learn the basic skills of skating. Helmets required.

LTPH:  Learn To Play Hockey (ages 4-10)  For Hockey Players. Must have passed Hockey 2 to register.** During the fall/winter/spring sessions, children ages 4-8 register through Capitals website and children ages 9-10 will register through website. Contact Leo Mullin on for more information.

Hockey Skills Sessions (for ages 7 and UP)  For Hockey Players. Must have played house or passed LTS Hockey 3/4 to register. Full gear required. This usually runs in the spring/summer time. (March through August on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings)

HOCKEY POWER SKATING GH: (ages 6 and up) For House and Travel Hockey Players. For the skater who wants to improve their strides, form, speed, agility, balance, transitions, edges and quick stops and quick starts. This is on Tuesday nights with Coach Howard. This usually runs in the spring/summer time. (March through August on Tuesday evenings)

ON THE FIRST DAY OF SKATING CLASSES-----what do I need to do?

Learn To Skate/ Ice Skating Classes


What to do on the first day of classes:

Arrive at least 20 minutes before your class begins. Bring warm clothes (sweatshirts, sweatpants, gloves, knee high socks )  We do NOT rent helmets so please bring your own bike helmet or a hockey helmet is recommended as well. Monday classes start at 6:00pm.  Saturday classes start at 11a. Every class is 30 minutes long.

If you are a brand new, beginner level skater the levels are 

HOCKEY 1 / BASIC 1 (ages 7-16)

Tot Hockey 1-2 / Snow Plow Sam 1-2 (ages 4-6)

Kid / Parent Class   (ages 2-3)    Parent must be in skates too


You will need to walk into rink entrance and ask the front desk staff for the size of skates you will need for the class. We do not have half sizes. Put on your skates. They should fit snug. You can do this on the benches inside the arena area. Find your name on the class rosters on the lobby wall. Put your gloves, hats, and sweatshirts on. Then meet your instructor OFF of the ice by the party room door in the South Rink. " Your instructor will say," I have all the Basic 1/ Hockey 1 here." They will do attendance and give you a safety skating speech. All this is done before you go onto the ice. Please bare with the first day as we have customers who have never been on the ice mixed with some who have been on the ice before a little bit.

If you are any other level (higher levels), you will meet your instructor ON THE ICE RINK in the assigned lane. Lane numbers are on the glass barriers up high on the rink side glass.

Impt:  After the first day of classes ALL skaters and all levels will meet their instructor ON the ICE in assigned Lane.

The half hour weekly instructed classes do provide you with free skate rental for the time of your class, but we do not provide helmets at our rink. Please bring your own helmets. Helmets are not required just highly recommended. If you are practicing on your own and need to borrow skates, you will pay the $3 skate rental fee.


On the last day of classes is evaluation day or test day. The children will be given a report card on how they performed the skills for that level.

If the child does not perform the skills consistently correctly, they will not pass the skill and will need to repeat the level.

If the child comes in on the last day and shows the coach that they can perform a skill one time over several attempts, they have not mastered the skill. It does NOT do the child any good to push them to the next level when this occurs. Each level is a progression with skills building on top of a foundation of the prior levels.

If they child is at a level ( Freestyle 1-6) where you are having a private lesson coach as well as group lessons, great news. Have the child take her report card to the private coach and have her tested again when she has practiced and mastered the skill.

The group lesson coaches will test the children on the second to last week of classes if they know they will be absent on the last day of classes. They will inform the child they are being tested.

If you, the skater, will be absent on the last day of classes, please inform your coach so they will know to test you the week before.

Happy Skating!


January 2018 skating classses

 2018 Learn to skate classes:

Session 1: CLASSES BEGAN ON JAN. 6, 2018

Session 2: Classes begin on March 10, 2018.                            Register now for session 2.

Session 1 of 2018

Learn-to-Skate (LTS) Program

JAN. 6 – MARCH 5 (7 weeks $129)
*Registration Deadlines apply   

Monday 6p classes meet: Jan 8, 22, 29 & Feb 5,12, 26 & March 5.


Saturday 11am classes meet: Jan 6,13,20,27 & Feb 3,10,17.


***Blackout dates or No Classes:  Jan 15,

                    Feb 19, Feb 24 & Mar 3



THE 1ST DAY OF CLASSES…WHERE DO YOU GO?   The level of class and the lane assignments will be posted up in the rink lobby.  All Basic 1/Hockey 1, Snow Plow Sam1-2/Tot Hockey 1-2, and  Kid/Parent  classes will begin off the ice by the party room door on the first day. Your Instructor will meet you there. Practice passes are done through the computer and using the student’s last name. Per series (or 7 weeks) the skater enrolled will have 7 free practice passes equal to the number of classes paid for in the series.  This pass can only be used for any learn to skate “practice session” or public session listed below.  The pass is good only for the skater currently enrolled and you must say the skaters last name to the front desk in order to skate prior to the start of any practice session.  NOTE: You have to pay for your skate rental ($3) when you come to a practice session, but you do not have to pay for skate rental during your assigned instructed ½ hour class time.  You Must Pay for your skate rental on all practices times ($3). Your free practices are only to pay for the Icetime. REFUND/CLASS POLICY: There are NO REFUNDS! There are NO make-up classes.  There is no pro-rating. There is no switching of classes from day to day. There are no credits transferred from child to child. Classes are a 7 weeks series for $129. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Currently, we accept MasterCard and Visa on-line. Check or cash at the rink only.  CLASS INFORMATION: Classes with low enrollment may be combined or cancelled within the 1st week of classes.  We will notify you if any changes are made. The Instructor has the right to move your child up or down a level according to the class to assure the best placement for your child during the first 2 weeks of the series. After this 2 week point, we will not move a child to another level. This is also to ensure the safety of all children. Placing a child in a level too high of a class when their skating ability is not ready, can put the child and others at harm. We will NOT do this, regardless of the child taking private lessons.  Classes are 30 minutes long, offered once a week for 7 weeks. Skate rental is provided with registration fee for your class time. Please plan to arrive 20 minutes early to get skates and be sure they are the right fit before class begins. “Practice Sessions during LTS”: Mon 6p-7p, Sat 11a-12:30p in assigned lane only.  This practice ice lane is subject to change at any time during the LTS series. Practice Lane policy is the following: we reserve the right to take people off the ice during Group Lesson time if the practice lane is too crowded, if skaters are unruly on the ice and/or it becomes unsafe.
Public Session times: Listed on the website. Hockey Options: THFF, LTPH and the house league after you complete Hockey 3-4 in the classes and Power Skating Hockey class, See                     


2018 SPRING ICE SHOW Information


 Bring Family and Friends to watch


TIME:  12:30p -1:50p   on the new SOUTH RINK

All entries are due by Feb 24, 2018. NO LATE ENTERIES WLL BE ALLOWED!!!

If you have a beginner ice skater that wants to join in the fun of performing, we will be holding an ICE SHOW PRACTICE CLASS”  on Mondays at 6:30p and / or Saturdays at 12p during learn to skate lesson times during our Dec – Feb LTS sessions. At your Ice show practice class a coach will be choreographing skating movements, any skating skills previously learned, jumps, spins and footwork on the ice to music. Sign up online under  "registration"  tab for ice show class. Solo skaters and group skaters may need extra private lesson on top of these classes to practice for the show.  Or you can contact your private lesson coach for program (music) help. All music must be able to be played off of a CD for the day of the show.



Solo skaters and Group numbers skaters:

Tot Hockey 4 / Snow Plow Sam 4 :  music maximum:     45 seconds less

Basic 2:  music maximum:   45 seconds or less

Basic 3-6: music maximum: 1 minute or less

Freestyle 1-6: music maximum 1 ½ minutes or less.

Synchro Teams: 5 minutes or less

                              Solo and Group skaters cost: $10 per skater

Synchro teams cost: $45 per team.


PAPER FORM REGISTRATION FORMS are below and at the front desk of the arena.




Ice Show Practice Class 2017- 2018 Impt. Class dates


Learn-to-Skate (LTS) Program


Dec 18, 2017 - Feb 26, 2018

                  (total of 7 classes)

Monday  6:30p-7pm classes will meet on : Dec 18, & Jan. 8, 22,29, & Feb. 5, 12, & 26

  BLACKOUT DATES in this series: Monday NO classes on Jan 1, 15, & Feb 19


Saturday  12p-12:30p  classes meet on: Dec  30,  &  Jan 6, 20, 27, & Feb. 3, 10, &  24  

BLACKOUT DATES in this series : Saturday NO classes on Jan 13,

& Feb 17




There will be a SPRING ICE SKATING SHOW this year. It will be held on March 3, 2018 on the new SOUTH rink from 12:30p-1:50p. We are planning on holding this show for any figure skaters, synchronized skaters and beginner to intermediate learn to skate customers to attend. Please come show off your skills learned and perform to music while having a little fun. Solo and Group numbers available. Showbiz time for the star in you!!!!

This ICE SHOW PRACTICE CLASS  will take a 45 second or less piece of music and the coach will choreograph the skater’s skills to music. The child will memorize his/her routine, practice and practice more (sometimes using the loud speaker for their music during class ) and then they will perform at the ice show in March. Get place to show family and friends what you have accomplished.

This  7 week class tis now in session and it will just work on a “program” (a routine choreographed to music). You can also hire a private lesson coach to assist you in learning a program for the Spring Ice Show.

The Ice show fee is a separate $10 fee to perform in the Show on March 3, 2018 at 12:30p.  If you are registered for the "Ice Show Practice class", you still need to sign a registration form for being in the show. You are not paid for the ICE SHOW until a paper form is completed which you will find in the lobby of the arena on information table.


Session 2 of 2018

Learn-to-Skate (LTS) Program

             MARCH 10- April 30 (7 weeks $129)
*Registration Deadlines apply   

Monday 6p classes meet: March

12, 19  &  April 2,9,16,23,30.


Saturday 11am classes meet:


March 10,17,24 & April




                        ***Blackout dates or No Classes: 

March 26  & March 31

Skating classes for everyone

We offer learn to skate classes for ages 3 and up.

All of our classes run on an annual basis every 7 weeks. Classes are held on Monday and Saturday evenings.

Classes include a 1x a week 30 minute instructed lesson, free skate rental for your 30 minute class, and 7 free practice passes to skate with during a public session. Cost is $129. Late registration fees ($20) will apply.

Please look at the Skating & Lessons tab here on the left off this page for more information.


Private or Semi-private lessons

Customers seeking Private or semi-private ice skating lessons information: At any time you are allowed to seek a private lesson coach for skating instructions. Beginner thru advance skaters.

You can choose any coach who is on staff at Haymarket Iceplex. All of our current coaches emails are on our website under instructors.

You can contact the instructor themselves. Please tell the instructor if you have taking any private lessons from a prior coach before starting or booking lessons.

Please note that private lessons are usually double the cost of group lessons and the skater has to pay the coach (professional fee) and pay the rink ice fee when taking a private lesson. If you do not have your own skates, you will pay for skate rental as well.

If you need assistance please contact the skating director at Haymarket Iceplex.

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Click here for online registration!

To register online, log in to your existing account after clicking on the link above. If you have previously registered for a class, and have NOT created an account, we have created one for you. Please log in using your email address and your password will be your last name (with the first letter capitalized). Your password may be changed upon log in. If you have never registered for any Haymarket Iceplex programs, then you must create a family account. Please set up one account for your entire family. If you have forgotten your password, PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT. Instead, click on "Forgot your password?" and it will be sent to your email address on file. If you need to add an additional family member, this can be done after logging in to your account.