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MARCH 19  to  MAY 28, 2019

                                                              10 weeks (blackout date 4/16/19)

 6p Mites (30 minutes)      $225    ($22 each night)


6:30p Squirts & Pee Wees (50 minutes) $300 ($30 each night)


7:30p Bantam and Up (50 minutes)  $300 ($30 each night)


Sign up on line at

Drop- In Fee for Mites is $35 and the Drop- In fee for squirts and Up is  $45

Create a new account with our rink and then  Hit “Registration “ , “Register Online” ,“Learn To Skate/Hockey Program Registration”

Scroll way down to bottom and hit “Power Skating”

April 15-19 Hockey HOUSE Players Camp 2019

2019 Spring Break

Hockey Skills Camp

April 15-19, 2019

8:30a -5:30p Full Day $325

or 8:30a-11:30a Half Day $163

HOUSE PLAYERS ages 6-12.

Graduates of LTPH course or have  played in a house program for 1 season to attend this full gear camp.

Register at


Session 2 of 2019 Power Skating Tuesday nights




SESSION 2 of 2019


June 18 – July 23


                                      6 week session (NO blackout dates)

5:10p-6p Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams,


Midgets and Adults (50 minutes) $180

($30 each night)

Sign up on line at

 Drop- In fee for squirts and Up is  $45

Create a new account with our rink and then  Hit “Registration “ , “Register Online” ,“Learn To Skate/Hockey Program Registration”

Scroll way down to bottom and hit “Power Skating”


2019 Hockey Skills Summer Camps:

We are having weeks of camp for TRAVEL players only;

And different weeks of camp for HOUSE players only!

                Options are 6 different weeks of camps each with a different level and age group.

Full Day Campers/players will be on the ice from 9a-11am and again from 3p-5p. Total of 4 hours each day.  Morning Campers/ players will be on the ice 9a-11a.

Camp hours are 8:30a-5:30p. There will be Certified and Insured USA Hockey Coaches on the ice with the players. There will be 1-2 assistant coaches on the ice as well.

Players skills to be worked on will include passing, edge work, stickhandling, shooting, technique with strides, agility, balance, transitions, quick starts and quick stops and more.

The off ice times all the hockey campers/players will be in the party room, outside and upstairs with the LTS campers/skaters for lunch, outside activities, field Trips Thursdays and rest or down time.

  •   June 17-21

House Mites ages 6-8

Travel Mites ages 6-8

  •  June 24 – 28

 House Squirts ages 9-10

Travel Squirts ages9-10

  •  July 1-5

House Mites ages 6-8

Travel Mites ages 6-8

  •  July 8-12

House Pee Wees ages 11-12

Travel Pee Wees ages 11-12

  •  July 15-19                                                      

House Squirts ages 9-10                                             

Travel Squirts ages 9-10                                              

           * July 22 - 26

House Pee Wees ages11-12

Travel Pee Wees ages 11-12


The Haymarket Iceplex offers several Hockey Programs for all ages and all levels.

Learn To Skate classes for future hockey players

Try Hockey for Free ages 4-14

Learn To Play Hockey 1 ages 4-10

Learn To Play Hockey 2 ages 4-10

Learn To Play Hockey ages 11-17

House (recreational) hockey

Travel (competitive) hockey

Adult Leagues

Hockey Stick N Shoot sessions


Contact for Try Hockey for Free; Learn to Play Hockey and House/Rec Hockey :   Leo Mullin

Contact for Hockey Stick and Shoot; Contact Travel Hockey:

                Ron Evans

 for more information on the hockey program that is right for your player.



How to skate for playing hockey ? Join a learn to skate class!

Hockey skating classes are Mondays and Saturdays. Please see skating & lessons tab.  Snow Plow Sam classes are for ages 3-6. The Hockey 1-2  & Hockey 3-4 class are for ages 7-18.


Try Hockey For Free

Try Hockey For Free (THFF) sessions for ages 4-10 run will be held on two successive Saturday sessions.  Our next session is scheduled for 4/27 and 5/4 2019 from 8:00-9:00am.  Registration is now open.

THFF is NOT for non-skaters.  Participants must have a basic ability to skate on ice. Hockey gear will be provided for those ages 8 and under who do not have their own.  We will attempt to fit out participants ages 9 and 10 but cannot guarantee that we have sufficient equipment at the sizes for these ages.

Registrants will be contacted by email one week prior to the session with a request for skate's physical dimensions (Ht, Wt, Waist, shoe size) to permit setting up individual equipment "bags"; please arrive a minimum of 30- 45 minutes prior to the scheduled session time so that the fitting out can be completed in an orderly fashion and everyone can get on the ice at the beginning of the hour.



Learn To Play Hockey 1 ages 4-10 (LTPH1)

LTPH1 is for kids who are serious about learning to play the game of ice hockey. Sessions include stick handling, skating, shooting skills and mini-scrimmages. A USA Hockey certified and/or a professional hockey instructor will conduct the course. It is recommended that registrants have basic experience in skating in hockey skates prior to enrolling.  The coach/instructor will evaluate registrants at the first session and recommend additional instruction if necessary.  At a minimum, LEARN TO SKATE  Hockey 4  level course completion is necessary for success.  LTS (Learn To Skate) lessons run every 7 weeks at Haymarket Iceplex on Mondays and Saturdays.

LTPH1 is for ages 4-10.  Sessions are 6 weeks in duration.  Our next session begins on May 27, 2019 and runs through July 3 2019.  Ice sessions are twice per week...Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00-5:50pm of the North Rink of the Iceplex.  Registration is open now and is limited to the first 15 skaters enrolled.

Full hockey gear is required.  To the extent possible the Iceplex will make hockey equipment available on a loan basis.

Questions may be referred to Coach Leo Mullin.  You can email Coach Mullin at




Learn to Play Hockey 2 ages 4-10 (LTPH 2)

Designed to focus on skill enhancement for graduates of the LTPH1 program, LTPH2 concentrates on the primary skills of ice hockey -- skating, stickhandling, passing and shooting with an occasional "scrimmage" to showcase skills improvement.  Age limits for this program are from age 6 through 11.    While LTPH2 will share the ice sheet with LTPH1, LTPH2 is a separate program with it's own instructor and dedicated ice space.     (NOTE:  LTPH2 may be combined with LTPH1 if two or fewer registrants sign up for LTPH2) 

Session schedules for LTPH2 will be available in early Spring, 2019.


You asked for this...and here it is!!

The Haymarket Iceplex is pleased to offer Learn to Play Hockey 11-17 for those boys and girls who have decided to join the world's finest sport in their tween/teen years.  It's never too late to participate in the fastest game on earth.  LTPH 11-17 joins our continuing popular LTPH 1 and LTPH 2 programs designed for the 4-10 year-old age groups.

Our next LTHP 11-17 session is scheduled for 7/15 - 8/21 2019.

The LTPH 11-17 instruction set will advance the existing basic ice skating skills of the participants and add core hockey skills (puckhandling, shooting, passing, working as a team).  Completion will provide ease of integration into age-specific house hockey programs in the 12U-18U age ranges.  For those who wish only to participate in Stick and Shoot and/or Pick-Up Hockey activities, this program will supply the skills to enjoy these activities.

LTPH 11-17 sessions are 6 weeks induration with twice per week (Monday and Wednesday at 5:00-5:50pm) ice times.   The fee is $195.

NOTE:  A minimum of 8 registrants will be required to hold this session

Questions may be directed to Coach Leo Mullin at

House and Travel Level Youth Hockey Programs

The Piedmont Hockey Club offers both House and Tier II Travel Youth Hockey programs.   Full information is located on the Piedmont Hockey Club website at

Stick n Shoot Sessions

The Haymarket Iceplex holds Stick n Shoot sessions as ice availability allows. In addition to open Stick n Shoot sessions, Youth Stick n Shoot times specific for ages 12 and Under are periodically scheduled; we ask that you respect the age limit for these events for the sake of player safety .

Stick n Shoot times are listed on our rink calendar.


Private or semi-private lessons for hockey players.

These are usually done on the early morning open stick n shoot ice.

Coach for power skating only:

Geremi Howard

Coach for Stickhandling, shooting, passing, skating etc.:

Colin Milford