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Skating Programs (LTS)

INCLEMENT WEATHER for JAN 3, for OUR Learn To Skate (LTS) Classes that run from 6-7p are CANCELED.

We will extend the session one week longer so that you will still have your 7 weeks of classes.

Classes will now end on Feb 7 for our Monday classes  AND Jan  29 for our Saturday classes.



Learn To Skate classes Session 7 of 2021 

Dec 4, 2021 to Feb 7, 2022

Monday Class dates:  Dec 6, 13,20 & Jan 10,24,31, Feb 7  
  No Classes on Dec 27, & Jan 17



Saturday Class date:  Dec 4,11,18 & Jan 8,15,22,29    
  No Classes on Dec 25, 2021 & Jan 1, 2022    


Learn To Skate classes Session 1 of 2022 

Feb 12,  to April 4 , 2022.

Registration begins Feb 1, 2022

Monday Class dates:  Feb 14,28, Mar 7, 14, 21, 28  & April 4  
  No Classes on Feb 21



Saturday Class dates:  Feb 12, 26, Mar 5, 12, 19, 26  & April 2    
  No Classes on Feb 19 2022    


Feb 12 to April 4, 2022

7 weeks    $159

Blackout Dates are: 2/19 & 2/21 

Online Registration for session 1 of 2022 will begin on or around

Feb 1, 2022 



Skating classes for everyone

We offer learn to skate classes for ages 4 and up.

All of our classes run on an annual basis every 6 to  7 weeks. Classes are held on Monday evenings 6p-7p and Saturday mornings 10am-11am. You choose one day.

Classes include a 1x a week 30 minute instructed lesson, free skate rental for your 30 minute class, and 6 or 7 free practice passes to skate with during a public session.

Online registration for a Learn To Skate session will NOT begin until 10 days prior to the start date of classes



Private or Semi-private lessons

Customers seeking Private or semi-private ice skating lessons information: At any time you are allowed to seek a private lesson coach for skating instructions. Beginner thru advance skaters.

You can choose any coach who is on staff at Haymarket Iceplex. All of our current coaches emails are on our website under instructors.

You can contact the instructor themselves. Please tell the instructor if you have taking any private lessons from a prior coach before starting or booking lessons.

Please note that private lessons are usually double the cost of group lessons and the skater has to pay the coach (professional fee) and pay the rink ice fee when taking a private lesson. If you do not have your own skates, you will pay for skate rental as well.

If you need assistance please contact the skating director at Haymarket Iceplex.



Learn To Skate Group Classes


To register for a session: please hit the REFRESH button on the top left of your website FIRST>

Then hit the "REGISTRATION" TAB at the top left of Home page.

Hit or Select the SEASON and the Program LEARN TO SKATE- SESSION 1  Feb 5, 2022

Hit (right side) "REGISTER"


Hit the "CHOOSE"

(the next step is ONLY if YOU do NOT have an account with us since June 2021)

Hit  "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" in the middle in black letters

Fill in all information

Check the I agree term boxes at the bottom and then

HIT " REGISTER" in the bottom right corner in blue letters.

Then you can pick the day and time and level of the learn to skate class you would like.

questions: email the Skating Director,

Mrs. Geremi Howard at




Learn To Skate Classes


FOR EVERY SKATER:  we will take children ages 4 - 6 years old for our  Snow Plow Sam 1,2,3,4 classes.

   Snow Plow Sam 1-2 : (ages 4 - 6) For Hockey Players, Figure Skaters and recreational skaters. This is a very beginner class. The skater has never been on the ice before. Must be able to separate from parent to attend classes. Bike helmet or hockey helmet  highly recommended.  

Snow Plow Sam 3 - 4: (ages 4 - 6)  The skater must have passed SPS 2  or 3 to attend. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ** After passing Snow Plow Sam 4 the skater will have two choices: 

1. They can move to a BASIC 2 class for Figure skaters/Recreational skaters with the older kids, regardless of their age.


2. They can move to a HOCKEY 1-2 class for hockey players with the older kids, regardless of their age.




Levels of Basic 1,2,3,4,5 & 6

Basic 1: (ages 7-18) For Recreational skaters and/or Figure Skaters. Very beginner. Never been on the ice before. Bike or hockey helmet recommended.  Next level is Basic 2 ( for figure skaters) or Hockey 2 (for hockey players)

Basic 2:  (ages 7-18) Must have passed Basic 1 or Snow Plow Sam 4  class to attend. The next level is a Basic 3 (for the Figure skaters) or a Hockey 2 or 3(for the hockey players)

Basic 3, 4, 5 and 6 are for the skater of ages 7 and up.


HOCKEY PLAYERS TO BE: they MUST know how to skate FIRST, before they can enroll in a hockey program (LTPH) 

Skating Classes are called Learn to Skate Classes and the levels are below:

Hockey 1-2: (ages 7 - 18 ) For Hockey Players. No equipment required. Very beginner. Never been on the ice before. Bike or hockey helmet highly recommended. PLEASE ASK THE SKATE RENTAL DESK FOR HOCKEY SKATES TO RENT.

 The next level is Hockey 3-4. To be allowed to play in the Learn To Play Hockey (LTPH ) Program, the skater must pass Hockey 3-4 level in our Learn To Skate classes.

Contact Leo Mullin at

Hockey 3-4 ( ages 7-18) For Hockey Players. Must have passed Hockey 2 to attend this level. NO equipment required. USE OF hockey skates ONLY in this level. 

Please note that if your skater is registered in a combined class (example Hockey 3-4 or Basic 5-6) all skills will be taught from both levels in the 7 week session. BUT that does not mean that all skaters can achieve a passing grade on all the skills. Thus, the skater, might need to take the same level again.


PRACTICING ON PUBLIC SESSIONS  DOES HELP. Please know your  7 free passes expire on the last day of class. The more the skater practices, the better the chances of passes all the skills. These free passes are redeemed at the front desk;  just say the registered skaters name to receive your free pass. Skate rental is NOT included in your free passes. Skate rental is $3.


TRY HOCKEY FOR FREE: (ages 5-10) For Hockey Players. These events will occur throughout the year. Please watch for the dates on the home page. You will need to sign up on-line and arrive 45 minutes early to the start time for getting the equipment to borrow. The children will experience full gear and hockey skates to play hockey for free. Contact Leo Mullin.

LTPH:  Learn To Play Hockey (ages 5-10  & ages 11-17)  (ages 5-9 for Future Cap kids includes with it the free gear. Future Cap kids has only certain session per year, contact Leo Mullin)  For Hockey Players. Must have passed Hockey 4 to register.** During the fall/winter/spring sessions, children ages 4-8 register through Capitals website and children ages 9-17 will register through website. Contact Leo Mullin on for more information.


Future Caps Learn To Play: ages 5-9 email House Hockey Director,

Mr. Leo Mullin


If you register your child for a certain class level and the coach says he/she  is NOT READY for that level, we will move the child to the correct level within the first two weeks of the class session.  Skating Skills are taught in a progression  pattern where as one skill builds on top of the next skill. We use guidelines from the Learn To Skate USA National program. If the child can not perform a skill properly or does not have enough flow/speed this will hinder the next set of skills to be learned. Repeating levels is common and please take your skater to use his free practice passes.



Learn To Skate/ Ice Skating Classes


What to do on the first day of classes:

Arrive at least 10 minutes before your class begins. Bring warm clothes (sweatshirts, sweatpants, gloves, knee high socks )  We do NOT rent helmets so please bring your own bike helmet or a hockey helmet is recommended as well.

If you are a brand new, beginner level skater the levels are 

BASIC 1 (ages 7-18) for recreational skaters or figure skaters.

HOCKEY 1 - 2 (ages 7-18) for hockey players.

Snow Plow Sam 1 (ages 4 1/2   -  6yrs) for recreational skater, figure skater and hockey players.

You will need to walk into rink entrance and ask the front desk staff for the size of skates you will need for the class. We do not have half sizes. Put on your skates. They should fit snug. You can do this on the benches inside the arena area. Find your name on the class rosters on the lobby wall. Put your gloves, hats, and sweatshirts on. Then meet your instructor OFF of the ice by the party room door which is far end of rink by locker rooms 11 and 12 (red doors) or the restrooms in the South Rink if you are levels of Basic 1 or Snow Plow Sam 1.  If you are level Hockey 1-2 please meet your instructor OFF THE ICE by the Vending machines or main entrance of arena or skate rental end or Zamboni end of arena. Your instructor will say," I have all the Basic 1 OR Hockey 1 here." They will do attendance and give you a safety skating speech. All this is done before you go onto the ice. Please bare with the first day as we have customers who have never been on the ice mixed with some who have been on the ice before.

If you are any other level (higher levels ex: Basic 2, Basic 3,4,5,6 or SPS 2,3,4), you will meet your instructor ON THE ICE RINK in the assigned lane. Lane numbers are in large black numbers on the plexiglass of the penalty boxes rink side glass wall. All lane assignments are posted in the lobby.

Impt:  After the first day of classes ALL skaters and all levels will meet their instructor ON the ICE in assigned Lane.

The half hour weekly instructed classes do provide you with free skate rental for the time of your class, but we do not provide helmets at our rink. Please bring your own helmets. Helmets are not required just highly recommended. If you are practicing on your own and need to borrow skates, you will pay the $3 skate rental fee.

You will receive 6 or 7 free practice passes that will expire on the last day of your class for the session. These can be redeemed at the front desk for the currently enrolled skater. They can use 1 pass on a public session scheduled time.

IF YOU ARE COMING INTO A SESSION LATE, (2nd or 3rd class), please Email, so you can have more help at the desk on YOUR first day.



On the last day of classes is evaluation day or test day. The children will be given a report card on how they performed the skills for that level.

If the child does not perform the skills consistently correctly, they will not pass the skill and will need to repeat the level next session.

If the child comes in on the last day and shows the coach that they can perform a skill one time over several attempts, they have not mastered the skill. It does NOT do the child any good to push them to the next level when this occurs. Each level is a progression with skills building on top of a foundation of the prior levels.

If you, the skater, will be absent on the last day of classes, please inform your coach so they will know to test you the week before.

The group lesson coaches will test the children on the second to last week of classes if they know they will be absent on the last day of classes. They will inform the child they are being tested.

Happy Skating!_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


For Learn To Skate Program

and Summer Camps:

Policy for skaters/customers

 1. NO Refunds  

 2. NO Pro-rating for classes missed during a  series.

 3. NO make-ups classes for any classes missed during a 6 or 7

     week series.

4. NO switching of classes from day to day. (Mon to Sat or Sat to Mon)

5. NO transferring of credit or remainder of classes from child to child.  No               sibling discounts.

6.NO credits given towards another session.

7. NO late registrations without a late fee of $20  applied.

Thank you for understanding and respecting our rink policies.




Ages 4-6 start at Snow Plow Sam 1,2,3,4  classes

Ages 7-18 start at Basic 1,2,3,4,5,6  classes

AND then you must seek a private lesson coach at that point.

ALSO KNOW that  at any point in any level, you can hire a private lesson coach as well. All coaches information is on this site.


Progression Chart for Hockey Players to be:

Ages 5-11 start at Try hockey for free course (1x)

Ages 4 - 6 start at Snow Plow Sam 1,2,3,4 classes LTS (learn to skate )

Ages 7-18 start at Hockey 1,2,3,4 classes LTS (learn to skate)

*Note: MUST PASS HOCKEY 4 (no age restrictions)  in order to register for the Learn To Play Hockey (LTPH) program.

Ages 5-10 and ages 11-17 LTPH 1 and LTPH 2 ( learn to play hockey ) courses. Must have passed Hockey 4 in the Learn To Skate classes to attend the Learn To Play Hockey courses.

Ages 5-18 House Hockey Leagues. Must have passed Hockey 4 in LTS classes.

FUTURE CAPS KIDS: only a certain amount of sessions will run per year. This is ages 5-9 and it includes full gear. Only a certain number of players can register per session. Limited spaces.

Contact Leo Mullin for more hockey information:


Ages 9-18 Travel Hockey Leagues.

Try outs are required each season for this league.






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To register online, log in to your existing account after clicking on the link above. If you have previously registered for a class, and have NOT created an account, we have created one for you. Please log in using your email address and your password will be your last name (with the first letter capitalized). Your password may be changed upon log in. If you have never registered for any Haymarket Iceplex programs, then you must create a family account. Please set up one account for your entire family. If you have forgotten your password, PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT. Instead, click on "Forgot your password?" and it will be sent to your email address on file. If you need to add an additional family member, this can be done after logging in to your account.