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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available at Haymarket Iceplex. Please choose a coach below and email them for availability.


Ashley Cavossa

Alex Vouras            (hockey only)

Autumn Boaz

Barbara Walker

Christina Powers

Colin Milford    (hockey only)

Gail Peterson

Geremi Howard

Hagen Nemzek   (hockey only)

Holly Geary

Kathy Hurdcarrillo

Matt Streiff    (hockey only)

Mikayla Sagle 

Nate Shellberg      (hockey only)

Kathie Cipolla

Shane Clayton       (hockey only)

Teresa Yuengert

Terri McIntyre



Haymarket Iceplex

Private Lesson Information


Private lessons are available during public sessions, work sessions and freestyle sessions. If interested please contact the coach directly for scheduling. Coaches that work for our rink are listed below.


When should my skater be in private lessons?
A skater enrolled in group lessons can benefit from additional ice time with a private lesson coach.  It can assist with the pace a skater may move through the Learn-to-Skate program. If you are a new skater and have not taken lessons before you may want to schedule a lesson with a coach to evaluate your skater, based on their recommendation you would sign up for the appropriate group lesson.


How do I pay?
During private lessons you pay the coach directly based on the agreed fee. You also have to pay Haymarket Iceplex for the ice session. Private lessons are currently given on public sessions, work sessions and freestyle sessions. If you are not at the level of Freeskate 1 or higher, you cannot skate on a freestyle session unless you are in a lesson with your coach. When your lesson is done, you must exit the ice session.


What if I already have a coach from another ice arena, can they come to the Haymarket Iceplex for my lesson?
Only coaches with a Haymarket Iceplex contract may coach at the Haymarket Iceplex Arena. Please contact the Skating Director for more information on guest coaching contracts.


If new to finding an instructor

If you are new to finding an instructor for private or semi-private lesson, please know that all the coaches below can teach children how to skate at the beginner level and more. If you have a hockey interest, these coaches can and will provide you with how to skate skills. You can NOT play hockey without knowing how to skate well.

 If you are interested in a hockey coach only, please see the "hockey tab" on this site for hockey instructors. They will teach skating and stickhandling, and shooting skills.

Haymarket Iceplex Coaches

Geremi Howard Haymarket Iceplex Skating Director and Predators Power Skating Coach. Her teaching experience is 29 years. Teaches hockey players from Washington Little Caps, Ashburn Extreme, Reston Raiders, Boston Bandits, Skipjacks, Prince William, Predators, Team Maryland and Montgomery. Backround: Double Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle. USFS National Gold Medalist 1990. US Olympic Festival Gold Medal Team member. 1989 International Gold Medalist competitor 1989 in Italy. Currently, Geremi enjoys spending time with her family and is only teaching in the early, early mornings Power skating to hockey players.



Ashley Basquin  Cavossa was a two time regional champion among many other gold medal titles, she represented the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club and Houston Figure Skating club. During her amateur career, Ashley trained with Olympic coaches Frank Carroll and Mitch Moyer. She loves to share her love of the sport with others.




Kathie Cipolla   Email:

    Can teach beginner and Intermediate Figure Skating.


Holly Geary   Growing up in upstate New York, Holly has always enjoyed ice skating and her interest peaked when the Olympics came to her area. She has been involved with ice skating since her children were young, but decided to take lessons herself as an adult. She has been teaching beginning level Learn To Skate classes at Haymarket Iceplex. She is available for private lessons to children an adults at the beginner levels. She also can do birthday party groups.



Kathy HurdCarrillo   Coaching since 1988. Author of "The Athletic Learning Curve" Specializing in Figures Based Power Skating Skills for both figure and hockey skaters. 5 Tours with Ice Capades and Holiday on Ice-Europe. USFS Gold Medalists in Ice Dance, Freestyle, Pairs, Moves and Synchro.  Email:


Terri McIntyre  With more than 14 years of teaching experience in skating and dance. Terri especially enjoys working with beginners, adults & special skaters.  



Gail Peterson  has over 20 years of teaching experience and is available to teach all ages and levels of Freestyle, Moves in the Field and Choreography. She has passed the USFS Adult Gold Dance Test, Pre-Gold Dance Test, Intermediate Free Skate and 4th Figure Tests. Former Regional and Sectional USFS competitor from the New England area. She is a certified USFS coach and member of USFS and PSA.



Christina Powers     Email:

  Can teach all levels of figure skating and synchro skating


Chrissy O'Connor    She is a Gold Medalist in Dance, Free Dance and Moves in the Field. Competed with Miami University's Senior Synchronized Skating team for 4 years, earning National and International titles. Chrissy also earned a National title with her D.C.E dge Masters Synchro skating team in 2016. She focuses on teaching dance, moves in the field and Synchro skating skills. She is available to teach any age group.



Mikayla Sagle      Email:

Teaches all levels of figure skating and synchro skating


Barbara Walker    Email:

   Can teach all levels of figure skating and ice dancing


Teresa Yuengert   20 years of experience coaching individual skaters beginner through advance Freestyle & Moves. 18 years of experience coaching Synchronized team skating. USFS category A certified coach. Members of  PSA, WFSC, SCNV.    Rate: $30  1/2 hour