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Piedmont Skating School Freestyle Session Information

Freestyle sessions are for figure skaters Basic 6  and above or in a private lesson with a coach.

Freestyle sessions are $15 each or you can buy packages online of 10 pass, 20 pass or 40 pass. These packages never expire. Please pay and sign in at the front desk before stepping on the ice.

For our Freestyle schedule, please visit our calendar page.  PLEASE NOTE:  SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

Freestyle Session Skater's Conduct

1. Be courteous to others.  Look out for each other and give the “right of way” to the appropriate skater.

*1st right of way skater in his/her private lesson while skating his/her program.
*2nd right of way skater to skater in his/her private lesson.
*3rd right of way to skater while skating his/her program.

2. Skaters should not stand around in groups talking or playing.  Remember these sessions are for practice only.

3. Skaters must respect the ice, no kicking or intentionally making holes in the ice.

4. Keep Moving. If you fall, get up immediate!  Do not sit on the ice.  If you must stop, do so only at the side walls only.  Put your music in line for playing and keep a rotation going.  Coaches can bump a program once.

5. All skaters should show respect for coaches and other skaters.  All skaters are entitled to equal use of the ice.

6. No food is allowed on boards or on ice at any time.

7. Water bottles must stay on the boards.

8. Please help keep our facility looking new and clean by picking up after yourself.

9. Synchro practicing during FS: Each skater can play your synchro program 1 time. Four kids can skate at once. No more. You must watch out for other skaters while skating your program.

10. Only Coaches and Official Skating monitors can touch the Stereo/CD player wires!

11. All programs wishing to be played will have a line (order) of who is first, who is 2nd and so on. Skating monitor will work the line.